LED enterprises how to identify the market launch of intelligent lighting
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In October 2012, a hi-tech lighting enterprises in Guangzhou organized business, launched LED intelligent lighting products, customers can choose the color of the light, or colorful light environment, according to different places, to create a different atmosphere, different scenarios. The company proposed to open nearly 5000 stores in the world, sales of 100 billion yuan of ambitious goals. However, the “ ideal fullness, the reality skinny ”, its products are not selling out and serious losses, are forced to withdraw from the market.

in August this year, we went to visit Dongguan launched a service company, pan Home Furnishing platform different products suit, we in the meeting room the lights suddenly went out, after a good tune repeatedly flashes and finally extinguished. The receptionist explained that there were some problems with the intelligent system, which was produced by a well-known domestic listed company.

so far, the market has not yet appeared on the LED intelligent lighting brands. In fact, the case shows that the intelligent lighting to make the most of the consumers, there is still a long way to go, the specific reasons are as follows:

intelligent product quality. Market to product oriented, and product quality based, quality is not good, even if the product is intelligent, the market does not accept.

intelligent product standard. Because there is no uniform standard, all manufacturers consumers can not identify, fight the enemy separately, the market has not yet formed a power consumption.

intelligent service system. Because the intelligent product to experience the service request to be high, if cannot achieve the service to be in place, the product can only stay in the concept.

intelligent market demand. The purpose of intelligence can be energy saving, environmental protection, safety, fashion and so on, while some manufacturers produce intelligent products just for intelligence and intelligence, away from consumer demand, failure is inevitable.

“ intelligent lighting ” concept as early as ten years ago, but the market has been difficult to scale. To this end, who can identify the market explosion point, and promptly seize it, who will become the first market winner?.

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