What advantages does LED road lamp manufacturers pay attention to when designing?
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LED road lamp manufacturers in the design of road lamp, with particular emphasis on the design of lighting performance, high efficiency and low power consumption, environmental protection should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of design. So what are the special advantages of LED road lighting?

1, high luminous efficiency: incandescent lamp and halogen tungsten light is 12~24 lumens / watt, fluorescent lamp 50~120 lumens / watt, and the light source adopts blackbody radiation, the energy emitted only about 10% can use the visible light, the rest is useless for its heat; a color filter to other customers need to use the color, the formation of energy waste. The LED light effect is 50~200 lumens / watt, the spectrum is narrow, monochromatic, and almost all declared light can be applied, and no need to filter directly announced color light.

2, low power consumption, low operation cost: LED light source of same light effect than traditional light sources such as more than 80%, a 2000 metre bridge LED guardrail lamp light for 1 hours only 10 kwh, a year of electricity than traditional light source lamp to save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan.

3, long life: LED lamp using the solid semiconductor chip converts electrical energy to luminous, with epoxy encapsulation, acceptable high strength mechanical shock and sensation. LED single life 100 thousand hours, the light of life in more than 20 thousand hours per day, 12 hour operation of accounting, its life in 5 years.

4, low cost: LED lamps running smoothly, the demand for the operating environment is not high, not because of adverse weather environment and frequent replacement.

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