Reasons for the widespread use of LED light projector
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With the rapid development of urban lighting, lighting technology continues to progress, in recent years, LED lamps become incandescent after another “ overlord, ”. As a kind of LED lamps, LED lights are widely used in large occasions, such as stadiums, parks, concerts and so on. Why does the LED projector receive such large events?

the reason is mainly because the performance characteristics of LED cast light on their

: first, LED lighting has good anti-seismic capacity, can prevent the lamp off on the vibration, stent fracture problems, so it is very suitable for large-scale construction.

second, LED light bulbs are used as light source and high efficiency gas, long service life of it.

third, LED light has the characteristics of anti rust, corrosion resistance, and not afraid of wind and rain, suitable for outdoor environment changing.

fourth, LED light has good sealing performance, and has good electromagnetic compatibility. Therefore, it is not susceptible to dust and electromagnetic interference.

fifth, LED light has good heat dissipation performance, and low failure rate, long service time.

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