Is the LED light source the cause of the explosion of LED explosion-proof lamps?
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LED has the price of explosion proof lamp gone up? Believe that in 2015 or even 2016 first half of this news, consumers are just a joke. But in the first half of the year, 2016 LED explosion-proof lamp price The path winds along mountain ridges., suddenly rose, let the despair of the LED businesses, to see the hope of rebirth, see the future. Why does the price of LED lamps suddenly increase? That is because

LED technology gradually mature, with the maturity of LED technology, LED lighting lamps on the market, the high price of high performance more and more developed, we abandon the traditional LED lamp faults, more user-friendly settings from the lamp price is up. But from the price performance of lamps and lanterns, in fact, the price of lamps and lanterns did not rise, but the quality of lamps and lanterns, increase the production costs of lamps and lanterns, so the rise in price of lamps is inevitable. Why is the price of

LED explosion proof lamp rising? LED light source has played a certain role in promoting the price of LED explosion-proof lamp. As a LED explosion-proof lamp manufacturer, it is our responsibility to provide customers with better performance and more environmentally friendly light source. Therefore, in the LED light source transformation, improvement, and promote LED explosion-proof lamp more perfect, more practical. Also because the LED light source is high-tech, in the production cost is quite high, so LED explosion-proof lamp prices also rise.

summary, determinants of LED explosion-proof lamp LED light source, the cost price of the housing cost etc.. These prices of their own factors, the price of lamps will inevitably rise, the production law is inevitable.

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