Interpretation of the four major characteristics of LED lighting industry in 2017
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For the lighting industry, 2016 is mixed before. Small and medium-sized enterprise difficult; on the other hand, the strength of the brand is perpendicular and horizontal, kaijiangtuotu. Expected in 2017, the industry will truly enter the shuffle stage, and will present the following four characteristics:

1, price inflation will continue.

30 years later, China economy has entered a new normal “ ”, the speed of development, the development scale of the pursuit, gradually giving way to the pursuit of quality development, gradually give way to the pursuit of reasonable economic structure. The elimination of backward production capacity and the importance of environmental protection will inevitably push up the prices of key raw materials. At the same time, after the iron hand pollution control, the government may consider, explore institutional long-term pollution control methods. Therefore, “ must not hold a gust of wind pollution campaign ” fluke mentality, in product development, minimize the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes. Otherwise, it could cost more.

2, cash flow more test enterprise. At the end of last year

a price, we start from small lighting wholesale enterprises, and then take the road brand enterprise. Why? Because these small lamps wholesale enterprises do not have R & D capability, there is no brand premium space, profits have been thin, raw materials rose on the top. 2017, parts processing enterprises, especially for environmental protection requirements of higher surface treatment enterprises, will pay more attention to cash transactions. Think ah, those hardware factory, electroplating factory, paint factory, fuck the heart of selling heroin, earn money selling cabbage, but two or three months of the billing cycle, he will be doing? Plus the bank credit crunch, cash transactions, cash settlement node will become more.

3, where is the industry opportunity? In the final analysis, it is the product itself.

2017, lighting lighting industry opportunities may be more to give product R & D capability, innovative enterprises. For the lighting industry, with the popular language is, to use force, the artisan spirit make real quality, innovation, culture products. The product is ready and the price and profit go up naturally.

4, 2017, the road to

platform within the industry! The past two years, has dozens of large and small platform. As manufacturers' awareness of the Internet continues to rise, the pressures of rising raw material prices, integrated platform will be relatively fragile supply chain system will be even greater hit.

2017 years there will be more enterprises have realized the importance of the exit channel, integrated delivery platform, to establish their own can control the price system, channel system, go on the road of brand monopoly construction; with dealers who go to listen to who, who is the future, no one is willing to own hard to accumulate resources submissively dealers the. And the instability of raw material prices will further erode the original profit margins of integrated platforms. 2017, platform

road long way to go!

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