Industry professionals teach you how to choose LED ceiling lamps
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LED ceiling lamp is loved by people for its gorgeous characteristics. It is used for decoration in family, office, entertainment and other places. Due to the variety and quality of lamps and lanterns in LED market, some skills should be paid attention to when choosing lamps and lanterns. Detection of

1, source: most ceiling lamps is white, is white, some owners will find some ceiling lamps looks brighter when the strobe lights, and some darker, some white, some purple or blue, this is due to the different light source color temperature, and the formation of the different light source, some small manufacturers of consumer the original light efficiency is very low, but in order to let customers look more bright, the color temperature high, so looks brighter, the practice is not really bright, only human illusion, long-term vision in this environment will be getting worse. If the identification is not the other light sources, a single lamp, and then reading stand in the light, if it looks writing clear, bright, that the light is good, high light efficiency, if not clear, is poor, a more simple way is to hand stretched to the light source side, see the palm of the color, if color ruddy, that just the color or, if the heart of blue or purple, clarify the color temperature is too high.

2, look at the electrical appliances: fluorescent light source all is to have the ability to bring light ballast, ballast for starting voltage and working stability of the light source, ballast will direct the resolution LED ceiling lamp life and light effect, usually compare track ballast manufacturers consumption good quality.

3, look at the mask: the common market with acrylic, plastic and glass mask, preferably by imported acrylic two times the tensile properties, is soft, bulky, good transparency, not easy to be dyed. When buying, press the mask with your hand to see how soft and soft as it is. Then put your palm in the past, look at the color, rosy good. It is best to open the cover, see if it is convenient to disassemble. Open and see inside, the light source and electric appliance, the fastener of the electric wire can be firm, whether the wiring can be uniform, not disorderly, not winding.

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