Newell lighting: LED advantages of industrial and mining lights
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With the development of LED technology, the types of LED lamps emerge in endlessly, and the market is full of goods, so that many people will not know how to choose when they buy. LED mining lamp as a lamp is widely used in LED lighting, the purchase should pay more attention to the details of the factors, understand the advantages and disadvantages of lamps, lighting the merits of better judgment, to buy the right products.

1 advantages: it is very small, the lamp body is very light, so it can be used in more space. And it is more energy efficient, and if compared with ordinary industrial and mining lights, it will consume less than 70% of the energy, 90% less than incandescent lamp consumption. In one word, save energy, save money, save resources.

2 advantages: precision production, LED lamps is difficult to be damaged, compared to the ordinary lamp for. The utility model has the advantages of more resistance to falling, durability, uneasy damage, frequent replacement of lamps, and indirect cost saving.

3 advantages: long service life. Generally speaking, it can take 100 thousand hours. What's the concept? It can be used for 11 years, which should be the longest in all kinds of lamps and lanterns.

4 advantages: it emits light more soft, not dazzling, warm white light, will make people feel more comfortable, at the same time to protect the eyes from damage.

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