How to judge the quality of LED lamps
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As the LED lighting market, lamps and lanterns of uneven quality, so many consumers in the purchase, the election of something unworthy of the situation, it is because of the quality of LED lamps and lanterns without any judgement. How to judge the quality of lamps and lanterns?

1, from the choice of brands. Should choose the brand or trademark has been registered with the “R” product, LED lights look shiny and beautiful, product types and specifications, trademark printing clear appearance, there should be no deformation, uneven color paint.

2, open the LED lights, electricity and light a few tenths to the time difference between the two seconds, is a normal phenomenon, usually the lamp is the constant current source driver with IC integrated circuit, the constant current and voltage with good performance, stable work.

3, when the lamp is heat, not too high or uneven, if there is such a phenomenon, design or manufacturing processes have lights, the light fades easily damaged.

4, if time permits, two lights can take with the specifications of the first brightness, which then a continuous light for a week, and then the lamp before the brightness, if there is no obvious dark, the light attenuation is small, high quality light source lamp.

5, LED lamp at work, surrounded by high power refrigerator, air conditioning, water heater and other electrical appliances started, there should not be with the changes of light and dark, if there is such a phenomenon, that drive the LED lamp is not constant current or constant voltage, it will have a certain effect on the service life of the lamp.

learn to judge the quality of LED lamps, LED lamps better, not only can save the cost of replacement of the market, but also can better protect the health of the eye.

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