Newell lighting: LED ceiling cleaning skills
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With the development of technology, the change of ceiling lamps also change rapidly, is no longer confined to a single lamp, and to the diversification of development, not only absorbs the luxury and style chandeliers, ceiling lamps and the installation, to avoid the defects of lower room can not hold large luxury lighting. Ceiling lamps are seen in many homes. Installation is very common. Let's see how it can be cleaned.

LED ceiling cleaning method

disassembly cleaning lampshade: ceiling lamps clean first need to remove the cover, remove the cap before the need to turn off the power. Because the ceiling lamp is hung on the top, the lampshade and the bulb can be easily broken because of the material. Therefore, when the lampshade is removed, as far as possible, two people cooperate to ensure safety. After the lampshade is removed, different cleaning methods shall be adopted according to different materials of the lampshade.

holder stains cleaning: for lamp stains, can use soft cloth to remove the dust on the surface, and then with a little toothpaste wipe, can not scrub with water, avoid water in the holder. Don't move

lamp parts: when scrubbing the ceiling lamps, should use light colored cotton or cotton hand is in your hand, gently wipe the lamp, do not arbitrarily moving parts inside the lamp.

is installed lamps: ceiling lamps after cleaning, as is the lamp should be installed, not packing, wrong equipment parts.

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