LED lighting applications are already in the critical state of start-up
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By including NVC, nationstar, neo-neon and FSL, LED lighting industry chain research, we confirmed the previous view: LED lighting applications have been launched in a critical state.

in research, we understand that LED18 watt fluorescent lamp factory price of about 200 yuan, 36 watt fluorescent lamp can replace the actual power consumption of 40 watts (T8), saving more than 50%; the product life of 20000-30000 hours. At present

LED lighting products factory price and the retail price is different, we will be to estimate commercial corporate customers for the pilot, but its price is higher than the price lower than the retail price of the terminal channels, is expected to be in the factory price based on floating 20-30%. At the above price, 11 hours / day, 250 days / year commercial lighting field is economical (using 20% discount rate, 20000 hours life span).

lighting companies actively involved in. The traditional lighting companies or have already entered, or entering LED lighting, LED lighting industry outlook of the feedback is positive, we expect 2011 belongs to the LED lighting in the first half of the publicity and introduction period, the rise of large-scale LED lighting applications, only a fire.

upstream and downstream enterprises to actively expand production for the LED lighting industry scale. Cost is expected to further decrease, it is expected that by the end of 2011, LED lighting cost will be lower than the current 30-40%. The decline in the cost of new technology emerge in an endless stream

, may be expected to have a super. In the research process, we see companies are actively developing new technologies, new products, in the chip, package, cooling and other fields have launched different solutions, the implied decline next year cost may exceed expectations.

potential catalyst: LED lighting demonstration project started, will enhance the user experience, to establish the confidence of users of LED lighting applications, state subsidies can be expected; national standards can easily measure the level of product technology and identification for the first half of 2011; the LED lamp and energy-saving lamp closer to the difference between acceleration.

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