LED industrial and mining lamp industry developed rapidly, lamps and lanterns have obvious advantages
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In recent years, the development of LED mining and lighting industry is more and more fast. Lamps and lanterns are more and more popular in the market and users. LED mining lamp manufacturers more and more, is located in Shunde Zhongshan District of Foshan City Junan Newell photoelectric technology Zhenzhi an road, is the production of LED mining lamp based manufacturers, the company in the domestic owned Guangdong manufacturing base, Chongqing manufacturing base, JGWELL operation center, products through the IS09001 quality management system certification, product certification, CCC the CE international certification, and obtained a number of patented technologies, product series covers industrial lighting, municipal lighting, tunnel lighting etc.. Compared

Newell lighting production LED mining lamp with the traditional halogen work lamp, showed a huge advantage, consumers more trust and use LED mining lamp. The great advantages of

LED industrial and mining lamps are shown in four aspects: energy saving, life expectancy, environmental protection and non radiation.

1, energy saving, power consumption is only about 40% of the traditional metal halide miner's lamp. To 100 lamps, for example, the average use of 10 hours per day, electricity 1 yuan / kWh, LED industrial and mining lights per day electricity is 100 yuan, the metal halide miner's daily electricity is 250 yuan. With a 100 watt LED mining lamp instead of 250 watts halogen work lamp, the monthly electricity savings of 4500 yuan, the annual electricity savings of 54750 yuan.

2, long life, the service life can reach 3.5 times of traditional miner's miner's lamp. Metal halide industry the lamp life 8000 hours, LED mining lamp can achieve 30 thousand hours of — — equivalent to 10 hours a day to turn on the light, can be used for 8 years, greatly reduce the manual lamp replacement costs, the price is really high.

3, good environmental protection, no pollution elements. Including gold, halogen, miner's lamp, including the ordinary lamp containing mercury, dozens of gold halogen miner's miner's lamp containing mercury can pollute the whole of West Lake, and LED industrial and mining lamps without mercury, xenon and other pollution elements, belong to a typical green light source.

4, no radiation, protect human health. The gold miner's miner's lamp will produce ultraviolet and infrared rays when it glows. The heat is large and the air is dry, while the LED miner's lamp does not radiate. It not only protects people's eyes, but also is good for your health.

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