Choose LED industrial and mining lights, you need to consider the comprehensive cost performance
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LED mining lamp, especially through the explosion-proof certification, military quality system certification, certification of the LED mining lamp, because in terms of both production and material will strictly enforce national standards, not by the poor means Jerry to reduce the production cost of LED mining lamp manufacturers, so the price may be high than the general lighting, but buy when an investment return is the product of high quality, is used not only to save electricity costs, saving lamps two purchase, maintenance and replacement costs, the key is to provide a reliable guarantee for the safe production of us, so the choice has passed the military explosion-proof certification, certification and product quality certification system for light the highest price of mining lamps, is your wise choice.

genuine LED mining lamp adopts integrated high-power lamp or SMD beads, beads crystal clear, and glue and LED gold mining lamp manufacturers can clearly see

line, the time of purchase, consumers can get more than just LED mining lamp lamp in comparison with LED chip, product size consistent with the general mass the production of quality products, most assured, in addition, whether or not depends on the LED lamp appearance of cracks, loose, and observe whether the interface had been prised, if there is a statement that it is inferior products, genuine LED mining lamp installed in the demolition process, not loose, head tilt phenomenon. Shell material

LED mining lamp wholesale consumers can also use the LED mining lamp to identify its quality, genuine LED mining lamp is the use of space aluminum, super good thermal conductivity, aluminum oxide that is smooth, no sharp surface, using ordinary plastic products are inferior, rough and dull, easy deformation of this kind of material. Easy wounding, poor heat dissipation etc..

in working condition, the temperature will not genuine LED mining lamp is too high, can be hand contact, if the purchase of products at work is warming, then there is the quality problem, in addition, LED mining lamp lights if flashing, also shows its quality problems.

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