Efficient LED light industrial and mining has become a power to promote China's industrial transformation and upgrading
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The LED mining lamp, energy-saving effect of more than 55% products, operating life of up to 50 thousand hours of light and high brightness, good color, light and stable operation, reduce the light temperature at the end. Is the preferred choice of factory lamps.

compared with traditional lighting, LED lamps have a high safety coefficient, low calorific value, low power consumption, long service life, good color, fast response, no stroboscopic, do not hurt the eyes, the advantages of lightweight products. If we replace all 1 billion 400 million incandescent lamps in our country, such as LED light, LED flood lamp, LED industrial and mining lamp, LED factory lamp, etc., it can save 48 billion kwh per year.

some experts said: LED as a global race to the development of strategic emerging industries, has become China's crisis to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote energy saving and emission reduction of the new engine.

with the improvement of LED technology and costs continue to drop, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp factory in the application of city landscape lighting, decorative lighting and small size backlight areas have entered the mature stage; in the field of large-size backlight, large screen display field has entered the high-speed development the growth period; general lighting products coming from the introduction phase into the high-speed development period of growth.

in huge market prospect at present, businesses have flocked to the LED energy-saving lamp market, to occupy a space for one person, the industry is showing the advantages and disadvantages of the chaos, dragons and fishes jumbled together, let consumers suffer. In this case, consumers have started away from Hodge, the target directly locked in the formal business of the brand-name products, for a time, the domestic LED lighting market brand name Rainbow Night. People are paying more and more attention to the brand effect when they choose LED industrial and mining lamps.

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