Zhongshan LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers tell you, LED lighting industry in the future will go from here?
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With the promotion of LED technology and the call of national energy saving and emission reduction, traditional lamps have gradually lost market share in the field of industrial lighting. In the huge market demand, LED lamps manufacturers are all for it.

lose kingship, one by one of the world total. Just a few years, the national LED industrial lighting manufacturers showed geometric growth, in southern China is the warlords, and Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places competition is particularly fierce. No one wants to fail in this race for market share.

manufacturers growth spurt, but the quality is uneven in quality, longshehunza. Some people take advantage of, shoddy, down market, want a ruthless fishing. Many conscience enterprises in the face of such unscrupulous manufacturers, headache.

for example, David lighting has launched a 100W high profile LED mining lamp, the price of more than 200 yuan. However, in a well-known online shopping platform, other businesses only sell more than 100 yuan, and even more, seventy or eighty yuan to sell and still have to earn. Two looks very similar to the goods, why is there such a high difference in the price of which the trick is self-evident?.

Xiaobian also interviewed the industry's senior practitioners, Hon lighting market department Mr. Hong Tao, to understand his views on the general situation of the market.

our customers are not very clear LED lamps, so saw two similar products price is far, will go to buy cheap. I wonder why the price difference is so much. Only look at the immediate benefits and vested interests, but do not want dozens of yuan, a lamp can use how long? Mr. Hong helpless smile. This is the situation

LED industrial lighting industry, unscrupulous businessmen shoddy, low price and market share, but this is a behavior that. They do not consider the industry's future, just as fast as money. Finally left this line only ruined the reputation and confusion of the market order. In fact,

, making a LED lamp is not complicated, but if you want to do is to strictly control each link from. Whether it is from product design, raw materials selection, lighting assembly, etc., each link should strive for excellence. Who Yingyinggougou, Jerry, shoddy unscrupulous manufacturers not meant to go for long-term is the best quality talk.

LED industrial lighting is no longer a new industry, but we still have a long way to go to make it bigger and stronger.

is a long way to go, I will seek. Would you share with.

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