The use of LED solar street lights can be a good way to reduce accidents
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Now there are many places in the use of such solar lamps, this lamp has many advantages, in the first such lighting, the light from the street lamp is several times the ordinary light bulb, in a special part of the road if the installation of the street lights in the night, can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, usually we can see this in the park solar street lights. The lighting effect

these lights, obviously not as good as those in the street lights, these lights the wattage is relatively low, usually in the range of tens of watts, in street lighting lamps will be more than 100 watts, products of different manufacturers of solar street lamps, the price is not the same. Usually high wattage lighting, the configuration of the stuff is good, the battery circuit board commonly used are imported, not only can effectively put the solar energy into electrical energy.

in the use of life is the longest can usually reach for decades, in the accumulator cell, it is also a main factor affecting the price of solar street lamp manufacturers, usually an accumulator battery storage is particularly large, usually can meet the 14 consecutive working days of the lighting lamps. In the course of some rainy days, these high quality accumulator cells can function.

is usually a highly configurable solar street lamp manufacturers products in nine thousand yuan, part of the main street city road is the price of the lamp, in the evening to drive people particularly convenient, can also reduce the probability of the accident happened in the evening, usually a lot of drivers on the road driving is not very familiar with the night then, the street lights, the driver will be more secure, now many large tourist city, or is a part of the city's iconic locations in the use of such lamps.

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