Singapore plans to replace the national street lights into LED lights by 2022
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The Singapore land transportation authority plans to replace the island lights with more energy efficient LED streetlights by 2022, and a new remote monitoring system to switch streetlights according to weather conditions. According to the

Singapore LTA issued a proclamation, LED (LightEmittingDiodes) compared with the general Street Street currently in use, can save about 25% energy. The Singapore land transport board points out that LED street lights are more reliable and less frequently replaced, helping to save energy and reduce manpower and maintenance costs.

Singapore authorities have launched two test plans, test of high power and power LED lamps in some areas. Since 2013, some parts of the street lights have been changed into LED street lights, which have now installed LED lights for about 4000 street lamps. The government of Singapore

lamp replacement program is divided into three stages: the first stage

, will cover 500 traffic flow is relatively low and is located in a residential area of the road, scheduled for completion in 2018. The second phase, which is concentrated in the central area, is expected to be completed by 2019. In the third stage, the street light project to replace the rest of the road is expected to be completed by 2022.

Singapore government will be bidding for the second phase of the plan. Some 25 thousand street lights in the central region will switch to high power LED tubes, while the rest will switch to LED light tubes of general power. Interested enterprises may pay attention to the relevant information of bidding from the government of singapore.

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