What are the reasons for selecting LED explosion proof lamp in chemical plant?
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In our country, there are many large and small chemical enterprises, some of the strength of chemical enterprises, in order to save the cost, in the use of lamps, explosion-proof lamp is the choice of some poor, resulting in the risk was too late for regrets. And the strong strength of the chemical enterprises, in the choice of lamps, the general choice of LED explosion-proof lamp. Although compared to the ordinary explosion-proof lamp, LED explosion-proof lamp is very expensive, but in terms of security, it is undoubtedly promoted several classes. The work of chemical enterprises is very dangerous, and the operation is not only easy to cause explosion, so the quality of explosion-proof lamp is very important. Why should

chemical enterprises choose LED explosion-proof lamp? LED explosion-proof lamp has many advantages, such as long service life and warranty for a long time, strong safety performance, high brightness, beautiful appearance and convenient installation. These advantages, so that more chemical companies to replace the traditional explosion-proof lamps, began to select the use of LED explosion-proof lamp. Production safety

chemical plant is very large, because in the process of the production, most likely explosion, various aspects of the problem need to be considered, the light is one of the key, because the lamp uses a long time, then it will happen is the key to raising the temperature of dust, so it is easy and chemical reaction, once it reaches a critical point, it will explode, this is what cannot be undone.

general lighting is not safety and stability such as LED explosion-proof lamp, this is undeniable.

LED explosion-proof lamp for this security treatment is in place, the use of light temperature is difficult to upgrade, heat treatment is very good, the temperature can not rise, then there will be no explosion that. This is why the chemical enterprises choose LED explosion-proof lamp root cause, because it can be a good solution to the basic problem of lamp temperature induced explosion, can better protect the safety of chemical production.

in one aspect is that the use of chemical plant ordinary lamps, because of environmental problems often lead to failure, we need to continue to be replaced, if you use the LED lamp, then there will not be such a problem, because the stability of LED explosion-proof lamp is extremely strong, use cycle lasts ranging from three to for five years, so you can save more cost and labor cost.

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