Some details should be paid attention to during the construction of LED tunnel light
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In the field of engineering, LED tunnel lamp is one of the lamps more, its light efficiency is very high, the light effect is small, the color is higher than that of the traditional sodium lamp, has such advantages, is widely used in mining, tunnel, large workshop, underground construction site, tunnel lamp is a kind of special lighting products, in construction and installation in some details need attention. From the view of the current

construction method, a ceiling type, rod type, seat type, hanging type and so on many kinds of installation, the installation program to develop reasonable in different places. For example, in the road lighting, are generally close to the tunnel wall, lamps and electrical boxes integrated design, so that the lamps stable and reliable, low failure rate.

LED tunnel lamp according to the two hole one-way traffic arrangement lamps, divided into the entrance section, transition section, basic section and exit section, pay attention to the installation height of lamps in general, more appropriate in the 5.5 meters; emergency lights, some are also used in tunnel strengthening lamp, floodlight equipment as auxiliary, for emergencies, to provide timely lighting in the tunnel.

due to the absence of a hard shoulder in the tunnel, LED tunnel lamp installation process, construction will take half pass measures, the construction area must do security work, to guide the vehicle deceleration through queuing. After the wiring is completed, each circuit should be debugged separately to ensure the normal operation of each circuit, the pursuit of unity in a fixed way, and the wiring to be neat and beautiful.

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