When buying LED lighting products, do you need to pay attention to those details?
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In recent years, LED lighting products enterprises are more and more, especially the downstream products, because of its low entry threshold, resulting in the quality of the product is inadequate. Some SMEs in the selection of materials and components of the time, in order to save costs, select low quality, yes, the overall quality of LED products decline, product safety risks increased. So, when you buy LED products, you need to check the details carefully.

1. check mark. LED downlight, LED ceiling lamps, table lamps of the three kinds of products, is the national compulsory CCC certification, CCC certification is the product of basic security, relevant laws according to state regulations, products must be sold in the market through the certification to. Since October 2016, the state has required LED bulbs to correctly mark the energy efficiency levels on the product package. Consumers should pay attention to identify whether there is a corresponding CCC certification mark and energy efficiency label when purchasing.

2. look at the appearance. The selection of LED lighting products, to view the product packaging is complete, the logo is neat, whether detailed specifications; check specific products, pay attention to product materials and wiring, such as cover smoothness and light uniformity, wire material, thickness, arrangement neat degree.

3. heavy parameter. To achieve more comfortable lighting effect, LED lamps and lamps for household use should choose LED products with color temperature below 5000K and color rendering index of more than 80. LED table lamp requirements are more stringent, should choose 4000K and below, color rendering index of more than 82 of LED products. Consumers buy goods, we should pay attention to product packaging and physical labeling related parameters, according to functional needs, focusing on lighting quality, choose the right goods.

4. concerns eye safety. In order to avoid strong glare, it is recommended that consumers try to buy frosted products. Especially LED table lamp, is a close distance lighting, such as product design unscientific, it will produce glare, affecting the eye comfortable and safe.

5. avoid Blu ray damage. LED chip blue light components are relatively high, will have a greater impact on the retina. National standard requirements, general lighting LED products to ensure that blue light hazard free level or low hazard level. Especially for children to choose LED lighting products, it is best to mark the level of non hazardous products. This information can be found on the product package and should be paid attention to when purchasing.

6. keep consumer credentials. Consumers to buy the best products to large shopping malls, supermarkets and specialty stores to buy the regular brand, suggest to buy high popularity and good reputation of the product, “ ” refused to three goods, keep shopping vouchers, quality issues, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in a timely manner.

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