Why are LED lights particularly vulnerable in the summer?
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If you have carefully noticed the use of LED lamps, it is not difficult to find, LED lamps in the summer damage rate is the highest, much higher than in winter. Neither the LED bulb, the LED miner's lamp, the LED ceiling lamp, the LED ceiling lamp, etc., can not escape the rule. Why is that? How long is the service life of the LED luminaire related to the season? Or for other reasons?

Xiaobian summed up, LED lighting rate is the highest in the summer is damaged, only one answer, that is the lamp heat dissipation function is not good, but the summer temperatures are the highest among the four seasons, LED lighting will heat in the process of running, if the heat, if not released, in the summer with high temperature, the LED lamp is easy to burn out. Random improvement of LED lamps cooling equipment, is a matter of urgency, but also LED lamps to further promote the power.

is what causes the cooling system of LED does not pass?

1. lamps, heat conduction material is not enough, such as the existing inferior bulb, all plastic, there is no heat radiator, the light source heat, heat can not lead, how not bad?

2. thermal design is unreasonable, many lamps no thermal design that directly take the parts assembled, without scientific test, how bad?

3. installation environment is not reasonable, the LED lamp installation requires a certain space for heat dissipation to heat, there is the installation of wet environment, LED lamps in a humid environment, too easily broken, because the LED lamps are electronic components, once the moisture affects the performance and easily lead to bad. For this reason, only the users themselves use the attention.

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