How does the implementation of the new version of the EU affect the lighting enterprises?
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The new general standard EN60598-1:2015 in October 20, 2017 will be the end of the transition period and enforcement, the short version of EN60598-1:2008 before doing more technical revision, including some important technical changes, including the LED lamp is given in the construction method of new requirements and safety requirements for light and for different types of insulation are biological circuits the more precise requirements etc.. Among them, the greatest change is to incorporate biosafety into the mandatory standards for the first time. The provisions of the new standard

, if use the lamps including LED, metal halide lamp and some special tungsten halide lamp light source does not relieve the retinal hazard assessment, according to the IEC/TR62778:2012 biological safety assessment of blue light damage and light lamps application to evaluate the source and should not use blue light hazard greater than RG2 group. It is understood that the blue light may have effects on three aspects: one is the high content of blue eye may cause visual fatigue increase; two is the eye physiological development may influence; three is operating in this light environment for a long time, old age may induce human macular degeneration may increase. This time, the EU took the lead in raising the biosafety level to a mandatory level, and it is expected that other countries and regions will gradually follow suit to implement it.

electric light source and lighting related products are key export products in Shaoxing, involving more than 100 export production enterprises. The European Standard Version, will greatly increase the production and cost of detection; once because the product quality does not meet the standard requirements, the EU market checks and inform, will enable enterprises to suffer economic losses, even the EU blacklist. Shaoxing bureau to remind the relevant enterprise as soon as possible to master the requirements of the new standard, with particular attention to the biological safety requirements for the first time introduced; to strengthen quality control, in front of the exit to achieve effective certification, to ensure that each batch of goods quality to meet the requirements of the importing country, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

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