How to improve the service life of LED industrial and mining lamps?
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How to improve the service life of LED industrial and mining lamps? First of all, we need to understand the LED industrial and mining lamp life and what factors, and then can be targeted to upgrade. The working life of LED industrial and mining lamps is related to the power supply and heat dissipation design. The biggest influence factor is heat dissipation design.

improved LED mining lamp drive power capacitor life, need to choose the high quality and long life is a effective way to improve the driving power of life; reduce the ripple current and voltage through capacitor; improve the efficiency of power driven, lowering the thermal resistance; good anti water treatment and other protective measures, we must pay attention to the choice of conductive adhesive.

thermal design is a key factor in LED lamp life. With the same quality chip into different design lamps, the life difference is very big, even can achieve several dozens times, therefore, a kind of lamp design success or not, its heat dissipation system plays a decisive role.

LED cooling system level includes heat dissipation and package level heat, to reduce the thermal resistance on the lamp must be considered at the same time the two kinds of heat, the heat is in the process of packaging LED source production through the design of the packaging materials, packaging structure and technology level so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

in heat dissipation design, silicon based flip chip structure at present, the heat dissipation metal circuit board structure, a solid crystal material, epoxy resin and other materials heat. The level of heat dissipation system is mainly through the study of related technologies, to innovate and improve the radiator, with the popularization of high power LED, power is also growing, at present, the system level mainly heat thermoelectric refrigeration cooling, heat pipe cooling and air cooling method of forced cooling structure. Solving the problem of heat dissipation is an effective way to improve the life of LED industrial and mining lamps and lanterns, so further research and innovation are needed.

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