New premises LED lighting configuration, need to comply with three principles
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New house decoration, for each person, it is very important. House, is our residence, we certainly want to decorate, the more warm, the more warm, the more comfortable, the better. And lamps and lanterns, as an important part of the new house decoration, in the choice of the need to comply with certain principles, to avoid random choice, resulting in new home decoration effects vary.

people now, when selecting new home decoration lamps, most will choose LED lamps, LED lamps for energy saving, long service life, and safety. At that time, LED lamps market, the quality of LED lamps are uneven, style is also thousands of gray samples, when choosing, should be selected according to actual situation.

bridal decoration lamp selection need to follow three principles: first

: functional principle. Different functions of the room applicable lighting styles, lighting degree is also different. Specifically, the living room is suitable for choosing bright, gorgeous lighting. Bedroom is suitable for choosing not dazzling lighting. Children's rooms are suitable for choosing colorful and lively styles of lighting. Bathroom is suitable for choosing simple style waterproof lighting. Second:

coordination principle. The lighting style chosen by consumers should be in harmony with the whole style of the room. If there are many kinds of lamps for the same room, the principle of harmony of colors and styles should be followed.

third: energy saving principle. The energy-saving light bulb has the advantages of electricity saving, good illumination, small heat dissipation, and so on, and the utilization rate is high. In addition, we should minimize the use of spotlights in our homes, because most of the light bulbs are not energy saving products.

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