Newell lighting: selection skills of LED lamps in restaurants
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restaurant decoration for the whole house decoration, is a relatively high proportion of decoration design seriously needed. Restaurant decoration is comfortable, whether it can make people more appetite, more warm, is the design knowledge needs careful consideration. Lamps and lanterns, can be said to be the most important part of the restaurant decoration, how to choose restaurant lights, choose what kind of restaurant lamps, dining room decoration effect is decisive. How to choose the

restaurant LED lamp? LED lighting market, a variety of styles, various styles emerge in an endless stream, we need to do is to choose our house decoration style lamps.

must first know the restaurant should adopt the LED lamp, low color temperature diffuse light, not dazzling, with natural light, with gentleness. The fluorescent light of high color temperature, under illumination of the face looks pale, blue, the color of the food also changed. Of course, lighting can also be used hybrid light source, that is, low color temperature lamp and high color temperature lamp combination, mixed lighting effect is very close to daylight, and the light source is not monotonous, optional.

second to know more than a local restaurant lights, also use the relevant auxiliary lighting, so as to heighten the dining environment effect. There are many ways to use auxiliary lighting, such as lighting in restaurants, furniture (glass cabinets, etc.), local lighting of artworks, decorations, etc.. Auxiliary lighting is not for lighting, but in order to use lighting effects to heighten the environment, so the table light illumination ratio should be low, in the premise to highlight the main light source, the light must be so arranged in order, not disorder.

finally know that people have the choice of restaurant lighting is very easy to fall into the form of misunderstanding only emphasized lamps. The restaurant is lighting the way for local lighting, the lamp on the table, as in the mesa area, the general should choose a combination type type, light type, long; morphology and restaurant lighting overall decorative style should be consistent; to achieve the desired restaurant atmosphere is soft and bright, natural illumination the lamps are usually not required; toward the beach, because it does not match the visual and dining.

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