Newell illumination: where is the breakthrough point of LED display enterprise in 2017?
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In recent years, with more and more small and medium-sized enterprises to join the LED display screen, LED display products into the market more and more, the current terminal market competition is gradually showing a white hot state, coupled with the recent channel wholesale as the representative of the downstream enterprises Youxian screen price war and so on, many enterprises have made the screen under tremendous pressure on the cost of more compression … …

under this trend, LED screen enterprises want to win must have the ability to continue to create more value for customers, depending on whether the enterprises have the screen to meet customer demand, product market, service innovation and execution of the current. Under the market environment of the customer requirement in “ ”, it is a more comprehensive “ demand ”— — is not only the need of manufacturers from product development ( Performance), to meet customer demand quality, including close contact with the market dealers for its marketing is also in order to meet customer demand for the product at the same time, or is the project of the customer service service to customer demand as the center of gravity.

“ ” starting from the customer needs to do product development with 4

industry to speed up the process of upgrading is imminent transformation of China manufacturing, LED display manufacturing industry also is at the adjustment stage, the screen is very sensitive to the enterprise standardization and intelligence, especially for terminal customers can influence product innovation needs considerable attention, the current LED display products are in the professional grade products changed to the user level of products, and to complete this process, must understand the actual needs of users, such as their functional requirements of what has changed, there is no new demand, though sometimes only a small number of users demand, may cause a birth just fit the market the product.

as “ customer demand is overall, but to meet the needs of the industry is dispersed ”, especially LED display technology in complex manufacturing industry, from upstream to midstream packaging components, to the downstream terminal screen enterprises and peripheral products, and even some related equipment R & D and so on, can departure from ” “ customer demand the development of innovative products, thereby affecting the entire product innovation.

“ ” from the customer needs to expand the market to do

if “ from the customer needs ”'s mode of thinking, previously existed only in the most LED screen “ ” enterprises shouted slogans, then in the industry constantly adjust the shuffling process, this mode of thinking has become the necessary knowledge to screen the survival of enterprises. The LED display market is very competitive, many companies have to convert the LED display marketing ideas, began to stand in the customer perspective, learn to truly understand the needs of customers, and are working together to create trends and customer. The current industry

some screen enterprises are constantly trying to combine their actual needs from the target customer groups, identify their market positioning, identify the direction of development of “ enclosure ”, for example, Riyadh in “ cultural industries ” fruits; construction of light electric positioning for “ digital outdoor media group ”, lock the outdoor media market; Lehman photoelectric is aimed at the field of sports media; aibisen vigorously expand Hotel leasing field etc.. In the process of expanding their market, some marketing strategies are introduced to the needs of target customers as the starting point to implement, as the LED display industry continues to improve, “ ” starting from the customer needs to do market development trends will be more obvious.

“ from the customer needs ” customer service service

currently “ from the customer needs not only is the ” LED display products based transformation from professional grade products to user level products, more manufacturers realize service value goal. Whether the manufacturers contracted projects, or do the general product sales, will emphasize pre-sale, sale, customer service service, the purpose is to make sure the project, but no matter how good the service, if not the final results meet the needs of the customers, and even customers to the South Pole south, ask how customers can rest assured? So, marketing thinking from the customer needs “ ”, not only have to solve the problem of channels and services, as well as the value of the problem, namely the distributors to open up channels, whether do service value. Popular saying is that after-sales service should meet the customer's individual needs as much as possible, so that customer satisfaction, but also to their own business and brand value of word of mouth communication, to achieve win-win results.

China LED display manufacturing industry is still ahead of other countries, but there is still not a small gap top technology technology application level is global, fierce price war is the main cause of China LED display manufacturing industry overall behind. However, we can also be pleased to see that in recent years, the core technology and brand is gradually narrowing the gap between the future China LED display manufacturing enterprise development should adhere to the principle of ” “ from the customer needs and constantly improve their product innovation capability, marketing capability and customer service service capabilities, to provide high quality products and services for the market so, the development of Chinese LED display to achieve better manufacturing.

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