LED bulb selection, there are five great trick
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With the development of LED technology, more and more kinds of LED lamps are used and more and more widely used. LED bulb as a kind of LED lamps, is to replace household incandescent lamp, and LED light bulb compared with ordinary light bulb, more energy saving, electricity saving. How to choose LED bulbs? What's the trick to buying LED bulbs?

1. according to the season and the environment to choose color temperature: color temperature range is 2700~6500K, the smaller the value to the yellow light, yellow light and vice versa in favor of Lan Baiguang, usually in the winter and sitting room, restaurant and other occasions, to create a warm and comfortable feeling. The white light is bright and clear, suitable for summer and study, kitchen and so on.

2. stressed the need to choose the color contrast, high color: color of an object is true color after light irradiation, the value for the 0~100, now LED lighting color standards are more than 75, but Master suggested more than 80 better, a studio people should choose color high a light bulb, can reflect the true colors.

3. in accordance with the area, environmental lighting demand, select the quantity and luminous flux: luminous flux refers to brightness. In the same area, according to different circumstances, the number of bulbs used varies. The same 16 square meter bedroom and study require 2 and 5 13 watt light bulbs.

4. selected light-emitting efficiency: the higher the luminous efficiency, representing the more power saving, the current LED lamp luminous efficiency lumens per watt lm/W is generally higher than 80, select the higher the value of power saving.

5. general type LED light bulb (non wide-angle) is suitable for floodlight lamp. Wide angle type LED bulb is suitable for floodlight. Angle refers to the angle of light, generally applicable to the general LED lighting under illumination lamps, such as down light; wide-angle LED bulb for floodlight lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, for example.

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