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Nowadays, LED lamps have replaced the traditional lamps and lanterns in the market and become mainstream lighting products. In the face of all types of LED lights on the LED market, how should we select the LED lamps suitable for us?

1, see packaging and trademarks. The state requires LED lamps manufacturers to mark out the following contents on the outer packing of products: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and rated frequency. Generally speaking, the printing quality of the trademark of good quality products is good, the mark is clear and legible, and it is difficult to be wiped out with a soft damp cloth, and also has the trademark of the manufacturer and the relevant certification mark.

2, look at the appearance of the lamp. The appearance shall be free of cracks, looseness and traces of the interface being pried. In the process of mounting and dismounting, the lamp should not be loose or tilt phenomenon. The plastic shell of the lamp must be made of the kind of engineering plastics that is flame retardant. It is characterized by the similar texture of frosted glass. The ordinary plastic surface is smooth and shiny, but easily deformed and flammable, is prohibited for the production of energy-saving lamps.

3, look at the work status. LED lamp is in normal working condition, the temperature rise should be relatively low, if the heat condition is not good, light work under high temperature, light will be great, will greatly reduce the service life of the lamp. At the same time, when the lamp is lit and closed, if there is a rapid flashing, it also shows the quality problems.

4, listen to work sounds. Electromagnetic compatibility is an item that must be passed by an electric appliance, and the national EMC test mark must be printed on the LED package. We can use a small test to judge with a simple, short wave radio, when the lights work, put the radio on the nearby radio receiving noise is low, indicating the better electromagnetic compatibility measured lamp. In the quiet environment, listening to the work of LED lamps, sound, if you can hear the work of the lights obviously, indicating that the power supply of the lamp is not very good.

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