Newell lighting: what are the advantages of LED ceiling lamps?
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LED day Lantern as a member of LED lighting family, its environmental protection and energy saving are the basic characteristics. LED ceiling lamps are popular, not only because of lanterns, environmental protection, energy saving, electricity saving, and other advantages that we do not know Today, Xiao Bian and we talk about:

1, LED days lantern size, resistance to vibration, impact resistance, long service life. Compared with the traditional lighting, LED days of lanterns more than dozens of times, but also more energy saving, this characteristic is particularly popular.

2, high brightness light emitting diode is a high power and high brightness LED, with longer life, ceiling lamp products LED making it smaller in size and flexible design, has become the traditional incandescent lamp and halogen lamp replacement products.

3 and LED day lanterns are of good color. The colors used are usually red, green, yellow and orange. It can change the color by current to change at the same time, different from the traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL), LED ceiling lamp is no ultraviolet and infrared radiation spectrum, and the harmful mercury content of metal elements is relatively less, especially in environmental protection.

4 and LED lanterns are driven by DC voltage, and can maintain high brightness even under low voltage and low current conditions. And compared with other lighting, LED day lantern can save up to 80% energy. And high brightness LED can last up to 60000~100000 hours, but incandescent bulbs are only 1000 hours long. Moreover, the reaction speed of LED day Lantern is also very fast (100ns~1ns).

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