Newell lighting: to analyze the causes of accidental damage of LED downlight
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With the popularity of LED lighting, LED lamp by more and more people love, and gradually replaced the fluorescent lamp, low carbon environmental protection, energy saving and long service life, become the favorable factors to attract people. However, in the process of using LED downlight, found that more and more consumers, and did not like the LED lamp in the introduction that has so long service life. Why is that? Xiao Bian today and we

analysis: first, is likely to affect the heat lamps to the service life of the lamp. The heat problem, has been LED lamp manufacturers an urgent need to solve the problem, but also has been plagued by the problem of manufacturers. The heat dissipation function of the lamp is not designed, and the service life of the lamp can be reduced.

secondly, when the installation of lamps, installation personnel not good anti-static work, makes the LED lamp inside the electrostatic damage, although the applied normal values of voltage and current, is extremely easy to cause the damage of LED downlight.

again, local short circuit LED downlight supply path, usually due to a short circuit element or printed lines or other conductors of the voltage of the place.

finally, may be LED downlight own quality problems, leading to the lamp in the process of running, damage. In the market, because the LED lamp is highly profitable, so many businesses will use the secondary material for the production of lamps, only in order to obtain huge profits, so the lamps on the market, uneven quality of LED downlight. This also constitutes a number of substandard lamps, the service life is not as high as the ideal.

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