Newell lighting: how can we improve the service life of LED industrial and mining lamps?
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Every LED mining lamp consumers want the lamp life as long as possible, but due to some technical aspects, LED mining lamp life will be affected, damage ahead of time, there is no ideal in 100 thousand hours. Then, we as industrial and mining lamp manufacturers, how to ensure that the industrial and mining lamp life ideal? How to increase the service life of lamps and lanterns?

first, quality of the packaging material manufacturers should ensure the lamp; second encapsulation structure design of multi lamp should be reasonable, strict provisions for installation design data; finally, the heat problem need to solve LED mining lamp, this is one of the most important. If the heat of the lamp can not be solved, the result will be clouds.

LED industrial and mining lamp heat dissipation can be summarized as two parts: system level heat dissipation and package level heat dissipation, in order to increase the service life of lamps, the two heat dissipation problems need to be solved.

system level cooling is mainly through the study of related technologies, to innovate and improve the radiator, with the popularization of high power LED, power is also growing, at present, the system level mainly heat thermoelectric refrigeration cooling, heat pipe cooling and forced air-cooled heat dissipation structure method.

package cooling is in the process of production of LED light source through the design of the packaging materials, packaging structure and technology level so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. In the field of package thermal design, there are mainly silicon based flip chip structure, metal circuit board structure, heat dissipation, solid crystal material, epoxy resin and other materials cooling.

increased LED mining lamp life, ensure the material quality is the foundation, is the key to solve the problem of heat dissipation. As long as the design of the cooling function of lamps and lanterns, the service life of lamps and lanterns can be guaranteed basically.

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