Newell lighting tells you how to choose the LED eye lamp properly
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First of all, it is recommended to buy eye reflectors with or without reflectors. In the purchase, pay attention to the eyes in the distance from the desktop 40 cm, 60 cm away from the light center position, should not see the reflector wall and light source. To do this, select a long pole lamp, this lamp can adjust the height and angle of

; secondly, Huwendeng proposal to suspend buy LED lamp. At present, although the LED lamp is relatively safe and energy-saving, but also not enough evidence that the LED lamp can meet the reading and writing of the eye, so eye on purchasing LED lamp;

again, except through formal channels to buy brand eye, but also pay attention to the eye if there is a power line plug and CCC safety certification mark at the time of purchase. Power cord length is better than 1.8 meters. In addition, we should also pay attention to whether the eye lamp is charged or not. When the light source is installed into the lamp holder, the finger shall not touch the live metal lamp holder. The lamp shall not be provided with finger holes that can touch the live parts.

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