Newell lighting: LED three - proof lamp compared with the traditional three - proof lamp, where are the advantages?
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What advantages does the LED three proof lamp compare with the traditional three proof lamp? Why do people favor LED three proof lights more and more, and do not pay more attention to the traditional three proof lamps? Let Xiaobian today slowly come from

: light source; light source, the three lights the traditional fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and the disadvantages of short service life that is as everyone knows, and the high failure rate, high power consumption, large attenuation. In today's pursuit of energy saving electricity, the traditional three proof lamp obviously does not meet the needs of people, is replaced by LED three lights is the inevitable trend. Compared with the traditional

three lights, LED three lights are precisely the traditional three proofings lamp improve the disadvantage, but also can be said to be based on the improvement of the traditional three proofings lamp. LED three light source lamp is LED light source, LED light source has a point that is as everyone knows, the service life is long, about 100 thousand hours; energy saving; small decline; safe and reliable, is not easy to damage. Of course

, things often have advantages and disadvantages side. The advantages of ordinary lamps is low cost, less initial investment cost, but it is very expensive; the cost of LED three lamps is high, but in the process of using absolute cheaper than three ordinary energy-saving lamp reached 50%, so the use of late fees will be able to give back the cost of province.

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