Newell illumination: what are the main performance features of LED three proof lamp?
Date: 2017-05-26 15:38:28 Hits: 604

Main features:

1, LED three light antidazzle function: transparent selection optimization design of advanced lighting optical principle, uniform light, soft, no glare, no ghosting, effectively avoid the construction workers a sense of discomfort and fatigue.

2, light efficiency and energy saving: the selected gas discharge light source has the advantages of high light efficiency and long service life, and the life can be as high as 30000 hours; the power factor is greater than 0.9, the luminous efficiency is high, and the light transmission is good.

3, shockproof function: multi channel shockproof structure and integrated design, ensure its long-term safety in high frequency and multi frequency vibration environment.

4, applicable environment: high strength alloy shell, special surface spraying and sealing treatment, can be used in high temperature, humidity and a variety of corrosive and other harsh environment.

5, installation methods: seat type, ceiling type and ceiling type and other installation methods, to meet the lighting needs of different work sites. Electronic and mechanical double protection, after opening, automatically cut off the power supply, increase the use and maintenance of security, stability, reliability.

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