LED installation of industrial and mining lights, what matters need to pay attention to?
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With the application of LED industrial and mining lamps more and more widely, the installation requirements of LED industrial and mining lamps are more and more detailed, and the details that need to pay attention to are more and more strict. In order to ensure the installation of the LED industrial and mining lamp service life, we need to pay attention to the details of the installation process? Listen to a small thin to

: first, before the installation of lamps, lighting accessories need to ensure complete, to avoid missing parts, leading to defects in the installation of lamps.

second, LED lighting installation personnel, must ensure that the certificate is a professional, not professional, resulting in LED lamp damage.

third, to ensure that the power line of the LED lamp is long enough, not subject to tension or shear force. When installing, be sure to avoid the excessive tension between the wiring of the lamp, do not let the line tie, clear the output line and input line, do not confuse. Fourth, try not to

LED mining lamp installed in the vicinity of flammable materials, if necessary, must pay attention to the distance between the lamp and flammable materials. Remember: LED industrial lights can not be installed in the zenith, or the wall of the heat source, pay attention to the separation of low voltage and high voltage wires. After fifth,

installed LED mining lamp, must pass electrical test, check whether the lamps can work normally, to ensure the normal operation of the lamp without loss.

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