What factors should we consider in choosing LED mining lights?
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LED industrial and mining lamps are used more and more widely, factories, sports venues, large swimming pool, etc., these places in the purchase of LED mining lights, which factors need to consider? Today, Xiao Bian and we talk about the manufacturers in the purchase of LED mining lights, factors need to be considered. First, price factors

. Price factors must be considered by manufacturers, how to choose the products to good quality and reasonable price? Small factories due to funding constraints, so in the purchase of LED industrial and mining lights, the price control is very high, and even to some extent, the price will be a decisive factor. And large factories, although the lack of funds, but can save the province, I believe it is also the pursuit of cheap prices.

second, safety factor. Factories generally belong to semi closed state, once there is a safety accident, it is very serious, so the safety of LED industrial and mining lights must be guaranteed.

third, the service life of the lamp. In order to save the budget, the LED miner's lamp service life is also very demanding, it is best to achieve the legendary 100 thousand hours. This saves the budget by changing lamps frequently. Fourth,

heat lamps. We know that the lamps in the process of using is heating, if the cooling technology of LED mining lamp is not qualified, plus the factory original temperature is high, it will more shorten the service life of the lamp, the lamp is damaged. And there are security risks. The brightness of the fifth lamp,

. Factory generally covers an area of relatively large, and how to make full use of the brightness of lamps, is to take into account the problem. For employees' eye health problems, it is necessary to ensure that the brightness of the lamp is suitable, not too bright or too dim.

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