Top dialogue to open new areas of lighting industry development
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“ Shangyu as one of the regional heights of China's lighting industry, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, and actively participate in the development of lighting beyond the mainstream. ” Cao Jianlin, former vice president of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Minister of science and technology, is the authority of experts, China photoelectric field he pointed out, such as the Shangyu sun leading enterprises, ranking in the entire China LED lighting field, in the future, will continue to rely on technology, leading the industry development in the intellectual Hui Zhaoming etc..

“ international advanced lighting technology conference to share a series of international and domestic lighting source field of the latest research trends, in fact, many areas are the future focus of solar lighting force direction. ”5 31, Yankon group general manager Guan Yong introduction, at present Yankon is trying to break through the key chip interconnection, sensing, control and control technology, supporting the development of intelligent lighting system and core chip dimming, color and other characteristics, LED intelligent lighting products as soon as possible cooperation with millet, HUAWEI, Jingdong and other platform. The launch of Intelligent Cloud terminal Home Furnishing.

in the International Lighting Technology Conference on the technical route of photodynamic therapy Morninghope Lite assistant chairman Guo Pengxin of “LED technology in periodontal treatment of new ”“ light source, the direction of development and application of ” special issues such as more attention. “ LED, Professor Nakamura Shuji developed the purple LED inspired me, this purple light can not only illuminate, but also purify the water cycle. ” Guo Pengxin cheerfully told reporters that the new trends of big coffee industry brings, provides new ideas and direction for enterprise transformation and upgrade.

“ lighting enterprises need to ensure product quality at the same time, focus on technological innovation, product innovation, with new ideas and intentions to attract customers. ” science and technology innovation as the lighting industry in Shangyu opened a new door, deputy director of the district science and Technology Bureau of Shandong in this confidence, he believed by many domestic and foreign experts to provide new enlightenment for high perspicacity, my area lighting enterprise technology innovation and technological progress, and guide enterprises to grasp the initiative in development through innovation and market discourse right, effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and jointly promote the development of the lighting industry.

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