Dynamic data report of LED lighting industry in October 2015
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1, global LED bulb price has been callback, especially in Europe and America, after the three quarter low price promotion, the price callback is obvious. Prices in Asia are relatively stable.

2, China LED packaging prices continue to maintain downward trend, 28350.2W products fell slightly, 5630 of medium power products showed a larger decline.

3, September, China's total exports of LED lighting was 1 billion 507 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 13%, down 2%. Compared to 7 and August, the total export growth in September has improved.

global LED bulb price changes: Europe and the price callback, a larger decline in 3Q15 region rebounded significantly

according to research firm dramexchange (TrendForce) display its latest LEDinside LED bulb retail price survey, this year (2015) in October, the global LED lighting to replace the 40W retail price is about 2.8% of the increase. $11.1; replace the LED bulb 60W show 3.5% of the global average price rose to $15.

♦ 40W

instead of price in the UK, following the three quarter showed a larger decline after October, prices have a larger pullback, up to 9.9%. Part of the early participation in low-priced promotional activities, prices returned to normal, such as Osram8W470lm bulb, the price rose to $5.93, or nearly 3. In October prices rose sharply

Germany also has 9.2%, the majority of product prices have callback callback, small part of the product greatly, such as the Philips8W470lm bulb, a pullback to $25.45, or over 2. The overall

America although the price remained stable, but part of the price fluctuating, such as Feit7.5W500lm bulbs, the price fell to $7.99, a drop of 11%; while the Cree6W450lm bulb lamp, 4 pack price from $22.22 to $26.87, or 21%.

in Asia, the price is relatively stable. In addition to Japan's 4.5% decline, the rest of the region prices remain stable.

♦ 60W

America due to replace part of the three quarter part of the promotional price callback, showing 9.2% increase. Some well-known manufacturers of products, due to the cessation of promotional activities, the price callback. For example, Sylvania10W800lm bulbs, 2 for the price, callback to $19.99, or 25%; Feit9.6W800lm bulb, 3 for $18.79, or 23.2%.

Germany also showed a larger decline, reached 9.4%, the majority of products prices have callback, small part of larger pullback. Such as Panasonic10W806lm bulb, the price rose to $15.8, or nearly 5 percent.

Japan area prices rose 3.5%, a small part of the price volatility of exchange rate changes, also is the area of price change. Prices in the rest of the region are relatively stable. Chinese LED package price

change: market competition is still fierce, small and medium power product prices continued to decline in August 7,

experienced a downturn after the recent TV backlight market driven, the industry boom has improved, but small and medium-sized power LED prices continued to show a downward trend. A slight decline in

China manufacturers supply based 28350.2W products showed 1.6%. 5630 middle power part, international manufacturers Osram, Lumileds, Samsung took the lead in reducing prices, low wattage 5630, the price following the September reduction of 6.79%, in October and then down 4%. Although the October

backlight market has warmed up, but in the short term Chinese packaging industry utilization rate is still not high, prices continued to decline in the trend will not change.

Chinese LED lighting export: September export growth has improved

according to statistics, China customs data in 2015 September, the total Chinese $LED lighting total exports of about 1 billion 507 million, an increase of 13%, the chain fell 2%. Compared with 7 and August, the export growth in September has improved, but compared with the growth rate of 54% in September 2014, the decline is obvious.

2015 overall export growth is not expected, mainly due to the impact of economic downturn in Europe and america. Therefore, Chinese manufacturers also actively explore new markets in Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries, and the proportion of exports has gradually increased. Conclusion:

overall, global LED bulb price in October through the three quarter fell sharply after the first time the callback, low price strategy will not continue to seize the market. China LED packaging industry, the backlight market driven, although the boom has improved, but the utilization rate is not high, the capacity is still in a state of excess, prices will continue to decline.

exports, compared with 7 in September and August, the growth rate has improved, confirms the market has warmed signs. After a downturn in the three quarter, the industry is expected to boom in the fourth quarter.

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