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Over the years, the semiconductor industry has undergone tremendous changes, and industrial development is now ushering in the new era of opportunities and challenges. At the same time, the relevant people both inside and outside the industry are constantly striving and thinking constantly. How to make the semiconductor lighting industry develop rapidly and upgrade in the flood of times change?. Cao Jianlin:

of semiconductor industry and semiconductor lighting research and development and application of the three proposals of

“ China have a saying called the year spent similar, each year a different ”. Cao Jianlin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology 3 days at the Shenzhen convention center to attend the twelfth session of the China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum introduction, since the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society chongfenghao, formulate the Fifth Plenary Session of 13th Five-Year “ ” plan is to complete the task of building a well-off society, which includes the full space that involves every Chinese. It also includes a comprehensive content, not only basic necessities of life, to reach a comfortable standard of living, spiritual life and our trip, the environment should reach a well-off level. Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology

Cao Jianlin

at present, “ public entrepreneurship, innovation and development of ” in the country like a raging fire, Cao Jianlin believes that many contents in the research of semiconductor lighting industry, the semiconductor lighting should also be included. In addition, proposed by President Xi Jinping “ Belt and Road Initiative ” strategy began to promote the actual introduction of ”, “, “ to go ”, it is the use of more open action to promote the development of.

“ mentioned above three backgrounds are obviously related to our semiconductor lighting cause, but also are opportunities and challenges we face. ” in order to meet the opportunities and challenges, Cao Jianlin combined with the Ministry of science and technology work, put forward three proposals for the semiconductor industry and semiconductor lighting research and development and application of

“: first, continue to aim high. Over the past 12 years, semiconductor lighting has made remarkable achievements, and has also become a typical emerging industry in China, has achieved about four hundred billion of sales revenue, and occupied more than 30% of the lighting market. The next step is to abandon the price war and move from low-end to high-end. And to adapt to the overall well-off, from the big country to the new goal of power. We will continue to exert China's advantages, effectively utilize resources, and concentrate on measures and actions in all aspects of society, such as research and development, production, marketing, finance, and so on. Second, we must continue to innovate and continue to innovate. The innovation of China's semiconductor lighting industry includes both technical public relations and technological innovation, including application innovation, including system and mechanism innovation. “ ” has become a trend in management today, semiconductor lighting should continue to walk in the forefront of innovation. Moreover, this kind of specialized innovation should become the vanguard of the whole nation's innovation in the development of science and technology and in the industrial transformation. Scientific and technological innovation should be carried out on a solid basis, with actions to go out of the low price vicious circle, expand applications, support the development of new principles, new technologies, and support a broader market. Third is more open. Opening up is one of the main experiences or basic conditions for China's sustained economic and technological sustainable development over the past 30 years. It is a collection of global wisdom for R & D and production and service for global users. ”

Cao Jianlin stressed that the Ministry of science and technology has been China's semiconductor lighting industry, semiconductor lighting research and development to provide sustained support. However, the more development of the business, the more we need to exert the power of all aspects, especially the strength of the market. At the same time, the government should play a guiding role and always dare to take on and make a difference. Yao Huarong:

Chinese LED industry in Guangdong province has made gratifying achievements,

progress in recent years, China LED industry achievements seems obvious to people, the Guangdong provincial science and technology department deputy inspector Yao Huarong, these achievements cannot do without the overall deployment of the State Council Government to vigorously develop new industries, also cannot do without the Ministry of science and technology for prospective LED layout and promote the development of high-tech industry, also cannot do without experts and scholars in this industry, and the tireless efforts of entrepreneurs. Benefit from the rapid development of the national LED industry, the Ministry of science and technology, the Guangdong provincial Party committee and the provincial government's guidance and support, Guangdong's LED industry has made gratifying progress.

Guangdong province science and technology department deputy inspector Yao Huarong

he introduced the road, 2014 Guangdong LED industry output value reached 234 billion 600 million yuan, the first half of 2015, Guangdong's LED industry output value reached 187 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 21.53%. Especially in the first half of this year, the export volume of LED products in Guangdong increased by a large margin, reaching 61 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 56.05%, accounting for 47.89% of the total exports of LED products.

at the same time, he also pointed out that the Chinese LED industry performance should be not easily won, keep a clear mind, we must fully recognize the obvious gap with the developed countries in Europe and the United States, Japan and other regions, many aspects need to increase efforts. Under the new situation of the current Internet era, the LED industry is also facing new challenges.

ou Xiaoli: “ five ” summary two years “ along the way the ”

two years ago, President Xi Jinping in Central Asia and Southeast Asia, first proposed to build Silk Road Economic Belt and twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road initiative. In this connection, the country to promote the “ Belt and Road Initiative ” leading group office, our national development and Reform Commission in Western Europe Xiaoli inspector “ said: in the past two years, &lsquo Belt and Road Initiative; ’ construction work smooth start, a good start! ”

, the national development and Reform Commission of Western European Department inspector Xiaoli

he summarized do this for two years in the “ The Belt and Road ” in all aspects of the work with “ five ”: a

, a top-level design. After President Xi proposed the initiative, in accordance with the requirements of the State Council, the relevant ministries and the national development and Reform Commission Organization of the Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of Commerce formulated jointly promote the “ Belt and Road Initiative ” vision action, this programmatic document to promote “ Belt and Road Initiative ” in March 2015 officially released on the world. Although this document is only a framework, the intention of the design, but the basic principles of the construction of the “ Belt and Road Initiative ” main content, system and mechanism, etc. to describe areas of cooperation. Specific content will be in the construction process, with the countries along the specific process of consultation, construction process to specific rich and clear.

two, a series of international ideas. After “ Belt and Road Initiative ” proposed, quickly aroused widespread concern in the international community, both countries have great expectations, showing the enthusiasm of participation, is also unknown so, there are some doubts. However, as of March this year (vision action) officially released, the core concept advocated by “ Belt and Road Initiative ” in the construction of peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and profit so, and emphasizes to jointly build and share the principle of construction, especially in the China government stressed in the actual promotion the involved countries along with their development strategy and plan for effective docking approach, gradually obtained in response to a growing number of countries. The grand blueprint of “ Belt and Road Initiative ” construction concept is becoming an international consensus.

three, a series of cooperation agreements. The past two years, with many countries along the Chinese government on The Belt and Road construction signed jointly promote the file. For example, inter governmental memoranda have been signed with Russia, Hungary and other countries, as well as inter departmental agreements with countries such as Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Agreements with more countries are still under discussion. This is a series of agreements signed, which laid a solid political foundation for promoting the “ Belt and Road Initiative ” solid step.

four, a number of major projects. Vision action description of “ The Belt and Road ” construction has five major directions, the five major directions inside each direction have a group of new and under construction projects.

five, a supporting system. In view of the “ Belt and Road Initiative ” work is very complex, involving both domestic and foreign aspects, so Chinese established to promote “ Belt and Road Initiative ” leading group, and the routine work in the national development and Reform Commission offices responsible for leading group. The head of the office is director of the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC), as well as a vice minister in the Ministry of foreign affairs and vice minister of commerce. The leading group is mainly responsible for major issues, “ Belt and Road Initiative ” in the construction of major planning review, make a decision. Each place has also established the corresponding organization organization, in conjunction with the province's situation, the local situation, has formulated the implementation concrete opinion. Basically completed the docking program with the country's overall implementation. Each department has established a lead agency to promote “ Belt and Road Initiative ”.

ou Xiaoli introduces, this set of security system, the financial sector also set up a special “ Silk Road Fund ”, is now officially running. The top-level design, “ Belt and Road Initiative ” middle design has been completed, is to promote cooperation in various aspects of pragmatic step. In advance pragmatic cooperation, the President Xi proposed five specific task is divided into eight aspects: the first is the interoperability of infrastructure; the two is to deepen economic and trade cooperation; the three is to deepen investment cooperation; the four is to deepen cooperation in the development of resources; five is the financial cooperation; six is to strengthen cultural exchanges the seven is the cooperation and cooperation; to protect ecological environment; the eight is to deepen maritime cooperation. He said:

“LED industry relates to the development of various countries is not in the same level, the situation is not the same, the need to strengthen cooperation, so as to enhance the overall level of our industry, in addition, &lsquo Belt and Road Initiative; ’ construction emphasizes the construction of green silk road, and our LED also stressed that green and environmental protection low carbon. ”

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