Living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, such as 5 large space lighting color selection principle
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The first principle of interior lighting is actually the greatest possible use of natural light, not only to transform your environment, but also about your health. What I want to say today is artificial light, especially color selection in lighting.

said light color selection, because most people don't place too much of the riotous with colour lights in the house, so I understand this problem the main question is actually color. Daily use of light color separation, moderate watts, Watts number is light intensity, color temperature is light source light color scale, unit is K (Kelvin).

this picture is a good explanation of color classification. The above is the design of

warm light and cold light bulb

comparison in the past one hundred years have changed little, every year, consumers are buying large quantities of ordinary light bulbs, because more than ordinary light bulbs, fluorescent lamp warm color, so the first class is the most warm light Home Furnishing preference for the world. But there are exceptions

— — warm color bulbs in tropical countries are often lower than the cold light source, such as Hongkong will be a large number of indoor Home Furnishing the cold light source to create indoor cool feeling. In addition

, although the warm light looks more comfortable, but look at the comparison chart know due to warm light will create more bright red and orange lines, so will weaken the lines and contrast Home Furnishing design, such as the above although relatively warm, but the feeling or the tide. So

color selection is just a part of the indoor lighting scheme, requires a combination of climate, lighting, Home Furnishing style and function space to analyze specific issues, but also follow the golden rule of indoor lighting design, the two criteria such as the most basic, is a mixed lighting principle, two is the function of lighting principle. The first level of basic living room

center as the main light source lamp, lighting source, the traditional living room or with high color temperature light source more warm atmosphere. The second level is

secondary light source, can be focused on the one you want to highlight the object, such as a picture of the lamp, a big chair back. This will make

form a visual focus of your living room, so as to let others ignore other problems may exist in your living room, such as narrow space etc..

formed a visual focus of the times to strengthen the source

also includes wall lamp, candlestick can enhance light levels. These light sources are best to be similar in color temperature, such as different intensity of warm light source, and do not cross the cold and warm light sources. The effect of warm

multi-level warm light to create a

third light is lighting, lighting to illuminate the specific areas, such as the edge of the sofa reading lamp, the light and little relationship with lighting needs. The basic lighting source the best choice


restaurant table is to illuminate the area can have a chandelier, in addition to regulating the atmosphere, wall lamp or candle lamp.

restaurant area lighting to avoid direct light, even if the main lighting chandelier should not exceed 100 watts, this area should have a warm atmosphere is like food to relax, so the need for ductility and warm or at least neutral light source.

here also has lighting, strengthen the source and background light levels, with particular attention to the side window cleverly introduced city lights as a new supplementary light source, good design, self willed!

kitchen kitchen as functional particularly prominent, first light intensity to ensure the cold light source here bright or neutral let the bright light to clean the kitchen. Low voltage supply lights placed in the

but above the work table can choose neutral colors, rich colors of different food color reaction is good, not only bring clear lighting and close to the sun, has been widely used in the kitchen.

cold light bright lamp table lamp + neutral palette is particularly suitable for white kitchen clean feeling

bedroom bedroom warm,

lighting requirements to achieve privacy before falling asleep the mood to relax, is the best natural warm light. In particular, similar to the candle light source of low wattage table lamp most meet the requirements, there are reading requirements, you can add a small LED spotlights on the bedside.

reading and warm bedside background light a good combination of

toilet toilet

also has the function of — — illuminates the mirror mirror, so the sidelights selection is very important. Sidelights can let you choose warm light at night in the toilet too bright and interrupted sleep, can also allow you to see my face in the soft light, not by his own face increasing pores scare. But the cold light source lamp

bathroom is indispensable, a lamp light source can avoid shadows on your face; two cold light bright you clean the corner or debris for convenience.

first said here today, the light is a big science, for thousands of years, life is the pursuit of countless artists on the canvas to capture light.

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