Embedded spotlight lighting popular science
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Spotlight is a typical non - light, indefinite size of modern school lighting, can create indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small spotlights combination, light can change wonderful patterns. Because the small spot light can change the angle freely, the effect of the combination lighting is also ever-changing. Today we're going to talk about the most low-key member of the spotlight family, &mdash, &mdash, and embedded spotlights. Embedded spotlight is also widely used in commercial lighting, and also has its own unique advantages. What is the

embedded spotlights?

embedded spotlights, as the name suggests, that is according to the size of the corresponding size of lamp ring dug on the ceiling of the groove, a lamp body embedded ceiling lamp. The projecting direction of the lamp can be adjusted freely, but the installation position is fixed.

from source categories: embedded spotlights are common: halogen lamp, lamp, embedded Jin Lu embedded LED embedded lamp three. Unified and perfect

embedded spotlights the advantages and disadvantages of

embedded spotlights the biggest feature is to keep building decoration. Because of its installation, is embedded in the ceiling trench, the lamp body, can achieve seamless integration with the ceiling, more clean and beautiful in the vision.

general, embedded lighting lamp is free to adjust the direction of projection are compared in terms of its application, downlight, more flexible. Of course

, embedded lamp has its limitations in practical application, due to the installation of the need for a hole in the ceiling, the ceiling will damage to a certain extent. If you want to replace a smaller size of the lamp, it will be difficult to deal with. The application of embedded


embedded lamp is widely used in commercial lighting, in all types of shops can be seen in the figure, is mainly used as the key to highlight the commodity, lighting, or lighting lighting, atmosphere. The application of

embedded spotlights in the commercial lighting on is very common and mature. Moreover, because the main body is embedded into the lamp embedded in the wall, once the body is damaged, maintenance will be very difficult, so there are high requirements for the service life of the lamp, the demand for this is LED embedded spotlights growing.

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