Why are the lights at home bright and dark?
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What is the

flicker flicker is caused by stimulation of the eye brightness change is not a sense of stability, and the brightness change of discomfort. Since the sensitivity of the general electric equipment to the voltage fluctuation is much lower than that of the incandescent lamp, the subjective visual sense of the illumination fluctuation of the incandescent lamp, namely “ flicker ”, is chosen as an evaluation index to measure the fluctuation of the voltage fluctuation.

flicker disturbing degree is determined by two key indicators: repetition frequency changes and changes in the supply voltage.

flicker comes from

in daily life, when we open the high power high power air conditioning, washing machine and other household appliances, or factories starting motor and rolling mill and other power equipment, often appear light suddenly dimmed, a short time will return to normal.

flicker caused by voltage fluctuation, a short time is usually a large load start will cause voltage drop, and recovered in a short time, when the voltage is reduced by 10% 60W, the brightness of incandescent lamp will be reduced by 34%. What is the harm

flicker flicker reflects the fluctuation of voltage, the voltage fluctuation can cause the following problems:

1. fluorescent lamp and TV brightness varies with the voltage fluctuation, when voltage is kept in a larger range of fluctuation will flicker;

2. incandescent lamp high voltage to the rated value of 10%, life will be shortened 70%, the voltage is lower than the rated value, the luminous efficiency decreased sharply;

3. test equipment requirements with high output accuracy, when the input voltage fluctuation, the output precision will be affected; the power supply voltage is lower than the rated value of 10%

4. electric heating equipment, heating will reduce the amount of more than 20%, caused by the heating time, voltage is higher than the rated value shorten the service life of the heating element;

5. voltage fluctuation will affect the efficiency of the induction motor and the service life, such as the voltage is lower than the rated value of 10%, the electromagnetic torque of motor About the decline of rated torque of 81%, resulting in the current increases, the coil loss, fever, increase efficiency and shorten the service life; the severity of

lamp eye brain

flicker reflects the annoyance of voltage fluctuation on human vision, based on 1200 volunteers in the experiment of incandescent lighting environment under 230V/60W and the conclusions are as follows: 50% volunteers, the voltage change every 1055 minutes the most sensitive frequency is 17.6 times / sec, amplitude is 0.28%, the definition of the flicker severity (Pst) was 1. IEC61000-4-15 provides the calculation method of flicker, “ lamp eye brain ” model, through the simulation of incandescent lamps with different degrees of eye flashes through the human brain have different degrees of annoyance, the provisions of the flicker severity.

Chinese standard

2008 China promulgated the GB/T12326-2008 voltage fluctuation and flicker, which clearly stipulates the calculation method of “ lamp eye brain ” and short time flicker (Pst) calculation period is 10 minutes, long time flicker (Plt) calculation cycle is 2 hours, and provides a voltage different levels of long time flicker (Plt) limits, as shown in the following table:

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