Classification guide for indoor LED luminaires
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LED lighting interior lighting classification according to type, classification and classification according to lighting type, different lighting field applications LED lamp type is also different, use is not the same. LED lighting applications can play their biggest advantage in the field of lighting the following detailed analysis of type LED lighting indoor lighting:

. According to the mode of classification of

direct LED lighting: direct lighting refers to the light through the lamp after injection, 90%-100% luminous flux to the working face of assumption on the contrast of light and shade strong and vivid lighting effects, can highlight the dominant position in working face in the environment, mainly used in the workplace. LED

semi direct lighting: semi direct lighting is a light shade covering upper is made of translucent material, which makes the 60%-90% more concentrated light at the working face, in addition, cover light will 10%-40% the ratio of diffusion to diffuse translucent shade. The light produced by the lighting method is softer, and the upward diffused light can also increase the sense of space of the building, and is mainly applicable to rooms with lower height.

indirect lighting: LED indirect lighting refers to the lighting light shielding indirectly produced, the luminous flux of 90%-100% through reflection on the ceiling or wall surface, less than 10% of the light shines directly on the working surface of the rest. Generally speaking, this kind of lighting can only achieve special artistic effects when used in combination with other lighting methods. It is mainly used in shopping malls, clothing stores, conference rooms and so on.

semiindirect lighting: LED relative to the semi direct lighting, semi indirect lighting is a lighting mode completely opposite. Specifically, the semi transparent lamp installed in the lower part of the light source, more than 60% of the light to form a flat, the rest of the indirect light source, 10%-40% light shade by downward diffusion. This way can produce more obvious lighting effect, so that the lower room has a certain heighten feeling. It is mainly applicable to smaller spaces in a house, such as halls, corridors, etc..

diffuse LED lighting: diffuse lighting mode refers to the use of light refraction function to control glare, which will spread to the surrounding light. There are two general forms of lighting. One is that light is emitted from the top of the lampshade and is reflected by flat top. The two sides are diffused from the translucent lampshade, and the lower part is diffused from the grille. The other is to diffuse the light with a semi transparent lampshade. The light produced by this type of lighting is visually comfortable and suitable for bedrooms, guest rooms, etc..

. According to the classification of two types:

overall lighting LED lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting key auxiliary level, lighting, LED lighting, LED lighting decoration stereo.

in general, in the office of the general overall lighting (basic lighting, lighting, environment) in Home Furnishing and shopping malls, bars and other places will be lighting the way by combining several lighting. HEG is specialized in R & D, production and sales of indoor LED lighting fixtures. The main products are LED LED panel lights, LED lamp, LED ceiling lamps, LED fluorescent lamp, LED ceiling lamp series.

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