LED interior lighting warm white, more conducive to health than cold white
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According to foreign media reports, smart phones and tablet PCs and other devices usually use LED lighting, their blue light may inhibit the manufacture of human body to help people sleep melatonin. The effect of orange light may be more in contrast to blue light: the study participants, who wore orange glasses every night during the week, said “ became significantly more sleepy than ”. The Journal of adolescent health published a study from Switzerland earlier. The boys in the lab were monitored in the lab and, like ordinary teenagers, spent an average of hours watching electronic screens before going to bed each night.

this involves 13 teenage boy's research shows that the participants during the night wearing orange glasses in a week (also known as the blue barrier, glasses) can prevent the inhibitory effect of melatonin, they wear transparent glasses “ significantly more sleep ”. In

LED lighting, the blue spectrum of the spectrum inhibits melatonin, the hormone that helps people sleep. In addition

research pointed out that the elderly may not be affected by the blue. But for most people, Blu ray is still a problem. A previous study involving 20 adults aged 18 to 68 found that those who wore amber glasses for three hours before sleep were much better than those who wore UV tinted yellow contact lenses.

intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer and other equipment commonly used light-emitting diodes, LED lighting, they emit blue light more often than incandescent products. De Blas Kean neuroendocrinology professor at the University of Southampton in Britain (DebraSkene) pointed out that with LED backlight TV is another source of blue light, but they are generally higher than the viewing distance of the small screen mobile phone, far more, should be relatively small impact on the human body.

study also pointed out that LED in indoor lighting are getting more and more popular, but if single use in at night, blue less “ warm white ” lighting is colder than “ white ” light source is a better choice.

“ conceptually, can reduce any night exposure things Blu ray will help, Christopher neuroscientist · ” of the University of California at Los Angeles; Kerr Weir (ChristopherColwell) said. “ I know some game player on the orange goggles very much. ”

, but orange glasses are not all powerful, Dr. Kean said. “ shielding Blu ray doesn't solve all problems. ” in addition to color, the intensity of light can also affect sleep, she says. and not all brands of orange glasses have had enough independent tests to prove that they really have the ability to help sleep.

experts said that during the day, blue light exposure is still very good. The best source of light is sunlight, which contains many different wavelengths of light.

expert advice, if not completely avoid the use of electronic products in the evening, it is better to use a small screen and not large; please reduce the brightness of the screen, and let it away from the eyes as far as possible; reduce the reading information from the electronic equipment on time.

“, if you can see the iPhone from three hours to 10 minutes, but it can make a big difference, says Dr. ”, Dr. Kean.

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