LED lighting fixtures should pay attention to five major issues
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Because the price of LED lamp, energy saving and better durability, now LED lamps are more and more family favorite, but because of the rapid rise of LED lamp is two years, so many people are not very clear at the time of purchase to pay attention to what the problem, here follow Xiaobian to see.

, a certification mark

purchase notice for how to buy LED lamps, electric light source expert Yang Zheng said, consumers need to check whether there is light product trademarks and certification mark clear. This reporter has learned that the current certification of lamps includes 3C certification, CE certification, UL certification, GS certification and so on. Among them, the most common are 3C certification and CE certification. I understand that

, 3C certification, namely China mandatory product certification, also known as the CCC certification. Household appliances, wires and cables must be certified. CE certification is a mandatory requirement of EU law related products proposed by any of the provisions (involving new order) products, whether it is outside the EU or EU products, to the free circulation in the EU market, put in the EU market, must comply with the relevant standards of the command and coordination request, and affix the CE marking, and electrical products need to add CE logo. If the LED lamps are affixed with these marks, indicating that the safety of the sample has been certified. Yang Zheng prompted, in the purchase of lamps, but also to see whether the wire through the 3C certification. Two,

trademark printing quality inspection of product information is complete

quality products, even with a soft damp cloth, will not easily be wiped off. Yang Zheng reminded, you can check whether the font / logo logo clear, variable, firm, wearable (can not wipe off), the location is correct. A lamp complete label information should include the following aspects: 1, the source (name and address, trademark, contact); 2, according to the standard (parameter implementation of product standards, express commitment); 3, the basic performance parameters (equivalent instead of incandescent lamp, including working voltage, working current, power, harmonic current and other indicators of electrical parameters; including luminous flux, luminous efficiency, beam angle indicator light parameters; color temperature and color rendering index of color parameters; light etc.) three,

environmental requirements can not be ignored

Yang Zheng said, lighting should also have specific environmental requirements, including including environmental temperature or range of lamps, specific working temperature.

products should be marked with anti shock grade, dust-proof clothing and solid waterproof etc.. The “ luminaire should also have instructions for use and installation. ” Yang Zheng said, similar warning instructions and installation materials also can not be ignored. For example, some lamps are only suitable for direct installation on non combustible material surface. Four,

also was forced

seeing touch after the above information inspection work, Yang syndrome also suggested that consumers through touch and other ways to feel the quality of the lamp. You can check the appearance of the product is not very rough? Is there no glue clean? If there is a fixed screw prominent plane? Consistent screw and shell color is the color? There is no sharp edge or surface scratches? He said, from the appearance, good lighting processing fine, pure color, surface flow layer of good integrity, no link components on the appearance of defects, good consistency of size. In addition to

, Yang Zheng said that the lamp should have certain ability of anti external force, so in the purchase of lamps, can be forced to shake, check whether the parts fall off, loose phenomenon. Five,

lit lamps and observe the color and heat

China Lighting Appliance Association experts pointed out that to judge the quality of products according to the LED light color change and cooling condition. If the light changes from the yellow light to white light in a short time, or from white to blue white, experts do not recommend the purchase of such products. Experts point out that the color of the light should be consistent, and not flashing. After the

LED lamp is started, the product surface temperature can be contacted, and the product heat dissipation can be detected. High quality LED lamps are stable in 30 minutes. If the surface temperature continues to rise in 1 hours, do not choose the product because the factors such as heat dissipation will affect the product life.

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