LED interior lighting design needs to pay attention to four aspects
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Application of LED in outdoor lighting engineering has been very popular, but in the application of indoor lighting engineering is at the initial stage, this is because the indoor LED lighting products is too small, lighting designers do not choose, and to the promotion of indoor lighting products set up obstacles. Personally think that the development and promotion of LED indoor lighting products should focus on the following four aspects:

1, realize the serialization of products, integrated and intelligent

figure: a series of so-called premise is modular, point source characteristics of LED, which can be applied to various combinations of various shapes of lamps, design the module provides a traditional light source can not match the convenience, but also on the optical design put forward higher requirements. The traditional lamp is

application in indoor lighting is a multitude of names, down lamp, grille lamp, chandeliers and lanterns composed of commercial lighting and Home Furnishing lighting in two major areas, leading the indoor lighting direction, and the current application in indoor lighting products is the main LED LED LED cup lamp, floor tiles and other decorative lighting, application other common traditional lamps are rare LED light source, but the huge potential of this market is no doubt, with the decrease of LED and enhance the optical efficiency of the price, who is the first to develop a series of products, who will seize the first machine market. Figure

: due to the electrical characteristics of LED, which is easy to control is strong, but in indoor applications, pseudo proposition “ integrated control ” “ ” intelligent control is still a manual control all together to change the title, intelligent lighting really still vacant, is also a great opportunity. Pit. One of the biggest advantages of

LED is that it's easy to control. And cluster control, in some occasions need programmability, LED intelligent products can provide a series of solutions, intelligent LED lighting products containing three color LED lamps and a microprocessor, configure the DMX512 communication protocol can run on Ethernet, the intelligent management of indoor lighting to provide a convenient, but also due to the use of LED lighting can dilute the cost disadvantage leading to initial.

2, the product of human

lighting, after a series of evolution, is slowly becoming a fashion, lighting products humanization has become the people's choice, and LED lighting has the advantages of small volume, unlike the traditional light source and the light bulb, easy to control, in the aspect of humanized design for the LED lamp appearance lighting manufacturers unlimited space to play. Figure

: due to the non continuous spectrum of LED, light quality is the most easy to focus especially by ordinary consumers ignored, unless the use of “ lighting this passport ” professional instruments to measure, otherwise ordinary human eye is difficult to determine, this is LED “ as corporate conscience demon mirror ”. To improve the utilization rate of luminous flux of

3, and reduce the cost while

integrated lighting LED light source as some traditional light source, high light efficiency, but due to the LED light source direction is strong, high availability, so long as the optical processing is reasonable, the flux maximum utilization, in the illumination, LED can achieve functional lighting requirements. Figure:

chip is important, but the lens and reflector lamp is the soul of the work, besides the same electrical index, optical design is the decisive level and finally realize the merits of the.

test 3WLED and 35W halogen lamp at the same illumination conditions. Within 3 meters of the center of the LED light source illumination halogen lamp is much higher than that in the practical application, the lamp of common lighting in the range of 1-3 meters, 3WLED lamp lighting effect significantly better than 35W halogen lamp, this is mainly because no halogen lamps and the luminous flux to good use.

4, to solve the cooling technology of high power LED lighting lamp, light

high-power LED lamp delay large power LED lighting lamp maximum is the future direction of development of LED light industry, due to its high light efficiency and superior lumen maintenance rate and become the major manufacturers to develop products, but requirement for high power LED lamp cooling technology, the ambient temperature reaches a certain limit will soon decay, leads to the decrease of LED lamp life. Figure

: life and working temperature of LED are closely related, so the heat design is excellent is essential, but also the relationship between the LED source and the effective mutual replacement.

only solve the cooling technology of high power LED lamps, the maximum delay of the LED lamp light, the application of high power LED lamps to a large area of.

stage, LED lighting has been in many places to replace the traditional light source, especially high power LED lighting, LED lighting has accelerated to replace the traditional lighting speed, also makes use of LED lighting application in indoor large area become reality, as the industry continues to mature, vertical depth LED lighting development, high power LED lighting lamps in the light effect on the price and there will be great changes.

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