China's LED lighting once again swept the India Market
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Global Times news, “ Chinese dragon once again shocked the India lions ”, India Tribune said 9 days in India, the biggest Diwali comes from the lanterns, resplendent with variegated coloration of jewelry, firecrackers, toys to a superb collection of beautiful things, Chinese goods again to the high cost to seize the market in India. At this time, from the Prime Minister of India Modi vigorously promote the “ India manufacturing ” program has been 1 and a half years, the newspaper thus asserted that “ India manufacturing still has a long way to go, ”.

like China Diwali festival, is the most important Indian festivals, lighting, shooting is an essential part of the family reunion. Diwali festival was held in November 11th this year. In the past two months, all kinds of lanterns on the market began to sell well, especially Chinese products. A 1.5 meter long neon lantern chain as long as 150 rupees (about 15 yuan), a LED bulb is only 200 rupees. In addition, like electronic simulation of cold water curtain hanging lamp, Candlestick rotating laser light ball, all kinds of technology upgrading, quality durable China lamp ornaments has attracted more and more customers are welcome to India.

Bhandari is a India electronics retailer, he told reporters: “ about 70% of customers will choose China goods. We have a lot of local suppliers, but the price is much more expensive than Chinese, so nobody buys it. Since last year, the number of Chinese products on Diwali has increased by 50%. For the local manufacturers, the colorful Diwali is losing its shine, ” said.

rely on China electronic lamp accessories and even to some extent changed the Indian festival custom. The India Times says the days of using traditional oil lamps on Diwali are now fading and are increasingly being replaced by electronic lights. Reporters living in the district is a high-rise tower, at present, 7 of households have been balcony decorated with electronic lights, tenants placed at the entrance of the lamp is mostly replaced by small candles. India times commented that, from firecrackers to lantern, Chinese goods surge. The long term business of Chinese goods has benefited from the improvement in the quality of Chinese goods.

Singapore “ Asia News Network ”, India's prime minister Modi is trying to improve the country's manufacturing industry through “ India manufacturing ” plan, and build India into a global manufacturing center. At the same time, however, decorations from China continue to flow into the country's market. Tribune commented that it was clear that the implementation of this grand plan is still very small, India industrial production of the status quo and the distance between the target is still great.

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