Newell lighting: do you need to be careful when you buy LED explosion-proof lamps?
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LED explosion-proof lamp LED lamps in the family, is the highest safety requirements, because of its installation on special occasions, the quality requirements are very strict, when the purchase lamps, it is best to choose a good brand reputation businesses, to avoid the temptation of cheap, a big disaster. In the purchase of

LED explosion-proof lamp, need to be careful of those factors: first,

recognize the relevant standards, from a security perspective, the product should be in compliance with relevant international and national standards. Therefore, the safety certification is to measure the quality of LED lamp standards, procurement need to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate. Second, the

LED lamps constant current power supply, LED drive power resistor, capacitor and IC price difference is very big, the power of the scheme and the line design rationality itself will directly affect the quality of the product. Some drive power is only constant voltage, and did not do constant flow, and LED lights must be constant flow, in order to better ensure quality and service life. So, when purchasing, this point needs extra attention, especially for high-power LED lights. Third, careful

low trap, LED light source prices vary greatly, the same color and brightness of the LED, the price can vary several times. This gap is mainly reflected in the reliability and performance of the above process, the appearance of light LED. Low price LED the chip size is smaller, the electrode is rough, the use of materials is poor, high current, temperature and humidity change, fast attenuation and short life, so the blind pursuit of low prices can The loss outweighs the gain.

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