Newell lighting: how to choose a high-quality LED lamps?
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The current LED lighting market, the prices reported by businesses vary far apart, and that their products are much better, as a layman to choose how to use when judging the quality of LED lamps are standard? LED lighting quality mainly depends on several parameters:

1, light, LED lamp can light in 25000 hours before <30%; main factors determining the attenuation is light quality, difference of heat dissipation of high power light source; the original overseas package, such as light is better than the domestic packaging CREE light source, as a layman generally do not see light source, simple judgment is the price, the price of light source of foreign original package package is much higher than the domestic; so if you want to buy good quality LED lighting light source manufacturers must provide information.

2, light efficiency, that is, per watt lumen number, unit LM/W, he is reflected in the performance of energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps better, the higher the light efficiency. At present, LED light and compact fluorescent light and not much difference between the luminous efficiency of LED, with the increase of CREE.

3, this year may be light output of 186lm/w light source, high power LED lamp is still a straw hat or piranha type LED; LED lighting lamp using high-power LED as light source, the price is higher; and the straw hat lamp or piranha type LED price is very cheap, not suitable for the light source lighting lamp level.

4, driving power, good driving power can guarantee the integral lamp life, theory of life of LED is 100 thousand hours and the general driving power of life less than 100 thousand hours; to ensure the life of lamps, driving power supply is a key ring; on the other hand, LED must be a constant current driver, if the constant pressure and low cost the drive will shorten the service life of LED.

how to choose a high-quality LED lamps, consumers are more concerned about the problem, according to several factors than to buy, you can try to avoid the influence of inferior LED lamps, LED lamps to choose the appropriate.

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