Lighting enterprises actually do a good job first, or pay attention to marketing?
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The light show of the 2016 annual event finally turned over. As for the exhibition, we came to the conclusion that &mdash and &mdash are the enterprises without core competitiveness, and the time has come to explode the industry solely by an exhibition. However, there are also excellent exhibitors.

popular in recent years, “ lighting industry marketing useless ”, formerly a dozen business team of the company, now only a few people, most of the enterprises are in the state of no salesman.

old marketing model has lost its effectiveness in

lighting industry marketing practices are already very old, it is a marketing director and the number of sales, and then put the clerk into the regional market to develop customers, companies began waiting for orders. The “ head ” before the routine, very useful, especially when a good marketing director, and centralized operation, land distribution and holiday rebate street sweeping, promotion and other marketing techniques, sometimes even good sensational effect.

but today, the channel has been very mature and rational, in the face of the traditional marketing model has been very numb, fierce competition makes the channel businesses generate new demand, but as the market supply side enterprise but still use marketing model to deal with the old, how could

effective fruit? There are a number of electrical enterprises in

innovation on the current economic situation is not good, globally aware of technological innovation, model innovation is the only way, the whole society in all walks of life about the domestic technological innovation.

technology innovation is heavy in

open the way to the extreme in the information age of transparency, any marketing must have products based on. With the main camp of 80 or 90 embarked on consumption, put forward personal demand for comfortable life, standing in the old view of the new market demand, emphasis on traditional switch products quality center and unable to extricate themselves.

first LED mining lamp product positioning, and then the marketing

visible, many lighting companies think that marketing is useless, in fact, is caused by lots of factors. The problem is in marketing, and the answer is in the enterprise. If you are only in homogenization, follow the trend of products on the extension of different brands, how to sell well? First, the product positioning, and then marketing.

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