2015, the first breakthrough in global lighting 6
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In recent years, LED lighting technology changes with each passing day, and in the development of the current, “ first, unwilling to lag behind, break through the Yong Chuang, first ” spirit, must not be lost. Each of the “, the first ”, is equal to the establishment of a technology, applications, research and development at all levels to promote the evolution of a large milestone. These little drops, silently, will be in the deep development of rash and too much in haste to witness the process of industry. Today, I was in 2015, from more angles and selected 6 global lighting industry won the first “ ” “, the first ” event to readers. If there is a pearl, the next trap. A

, for the first time included in the occupation of the lighting industry classification ceremony occupation

according to the August 2015 report, in July 29th the state promulgated the revised 2015 edition of People's Republic of China Occupation Classification ceremony, the lighting industry occupation was officially included in the ceremony, engineering and technical personnel occupation name of the lighting industry is the revised “ light source and lighting engineering and technical personnel ”, and was listed as “ green ” occupation. After many efforts, the successful addition of lighting designers, lamps manufacturers and electric light source manufacturing workers three new jobs, and an original occupation was revised. It is reported that three new occupation of this new, fill a long time in the country occupation classification without blank lighting specialized manufacturing and assembly personnel classification, has a fundamental role in the lighting industry human resource development and management, the whole industry practitioners occupation teaching guide has a training and skill appraisal. Graphene

two, the first color tunable light emitting diode according to the

reported on July 2015, in a new study, scientists have proved that LED not only can be adjusted to emit light of different colors, and can contain almost the entire visible spectrum from blue to red color (450nm wavelength) (750nm wavelength). In addition to containing almost all the colours of dark blue and purple. The key to achieving color tunable LED is made of graphene material, using materials that have already made many breakthroughs in many fields, from batteries to solar cells to semiconductors. Although graphene has been used successfully in these fields, it has never been expected that it will be the first graphene LED, and the first color tunable LED. Graphene color tunable LED is considered as a promising technique for flexible display. The new LED can be used for high quality color tunable LED displays, lamps and a range of future graphene photonic devices for television and mobile devices.

three, first with adjustable color temperature LED lighting system

Museum in July 2015 according to the reports, is located in Warsaw Poland National Museum (WarsawNationalMuseum) will replace the LED lamp lighting system, which makes it become the world's first use of adjustable color temperature LED illumination system in the museum. The project is led by JeffCassis, PHILPS's professional lighting system leader. Undoubtedly, the light contrast exhibits itself, bring better experience of the exhibition, but on the other hand, it is the light, may cause irreversible damage to the cultural relics. Unlike other areas of the museum, the National Museum in Warsaw almost no use of natural lighting, LED sensor can be used in the collocation of tourists coming to open lighting, the rest of the time to keep the dark state, access to energy-saving effect at the same time, but also can further reduce light damage to cultural relics exhibition. According to the report released in April 2015 four,

global test method of the first LED product standard, the International Commission on illumination (CIE) released by the international standard CIES025:2015 LED lamp, lamp module and test method, which is the world's first test method for the LED international standards of products, or will be referred to as the industry's most influential test standard. This standard was originally developed by Professor Pan Jiangen proposed distance optical radiation measurement project, sub Standard Committee Organization under the national standard of China's lighting, also set up a corresponding standard working group, on the one hand, put forward many China opinions for the international standard, on the other hand into the standards of China made full of technology ready. CIES025 is composed of CIE second segments of the TC2-71 Technical Committee is responsible for formulating the standard early in the project, CIE and the European Standardization Technical Committee (CEN) signed the agreement, will also serve as the European standard (EN) issued. According to the CIE process, the standard will be translated into a formal ISO standard through the international organization for Standardization (ISO). In addition, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is also in contact with the CIE. IEC will not translate this standard, but it will be referenced directly when it comes to relevant content. Five, the first

organic photoelectric materials “ Pearl ”

according to the April 2015 report, led by the Nanjing University of Technology Institute of advanced materials academician Huang Wei IAM team in the organic synthesis material successfully observed a long afterglow phenomenon, and developed a pure organic “ luminous beads ”. Because it contains special inorganic mineral elements and the long time luminescence (long afterglow phenomenon) “ Pearl ”, has been regarded as rare treasures. The IAM team through the efforts of the successful implementation of the captain afterglow adjustable color from green to red range, and the luminous duration increased to 56 seconds, and developed the world's first at room temperature with Captain phosphorescent materials. Allegedly, long-life organic luminescent material is a kind of novel material with unique luminescence mechanism, this kind of material is integrated with the organic materials of flexible and long-life luminous afterglow materials etc., in various fields have significance to disease diagnosis, cell imaging and currency counterfeiting optoelectronics. Six, the first ultra light quantum

LED lamp

officially lit in March 2015 according to the report, super quantum LED lamp in the month 3 days in Fujian Liancheng lights, this is the world's first release of super quantum LED lighting project. LED super quantum theory founder, Chinese American Yu Zhilong, super quantum LED technology enables efficient light quantum efficiency of the lamp of the world than the existing high technology 10— 60%, the technology has received Chinese far only in the international field of solid state lighting with completely independent intellectual property rights, and by the American Energy Star “ ” by 50000 hours the certificate, realized the lamp has the effect light quantum efficiency of large. He also said that if the Chinese lighting market, 15% of users to switch to this product, will be 66 billion times the power savings than other LED lighting, which is equivalent to saving a Three Gorges power station's annual power generation.

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